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Creator on Fortnite Creative. Apprenticeship of a CAP Production, Service and Restoration.

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Pioneer : Be one of the first 100 registered! Certified : Certified map maker! Spring : Connected at least once during the spring. Maps tester : Responsible for validating the maps before publication. Summer : Connected at least once during the summer. Redbull : Present during the Redbull event Fall : Logged in at least once during the fall. 5 Maps : Published 5 maps! Winter : Logged in at least once during winter. New Year 2022 : Present during the 2022 new year. 1000 Views : Has accumulated 1000 views on all its maps! Halloween : Present during the Halloween event.

Preview map Jungle Parkour



Jungle Parkour

Posted at 3 months by PigeonRoyaleV2

A jungle-themed parkour with 50 levels and bonus levels. Meet characters to unlock bonus levels. You won't be eliminated, as this parkour features ...